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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Migration

Federal law will soon require healthcare providers to maintain each patient’s medical records electronically instead of in a paper-based format. Each record is known as an Electronic Medical RecordAn Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is generated by a healthcare provider to document a patient’s medical and health information on a continual basis. This record is created and managed by a single healthcare provider. (EMR). These records must also be available through an electronic network to other healthcare providers. Each patient's cumulative record is known as an Electronic Health RecordAn Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an accumulation of electronic medical and health-related records for a patient from different healthcare providers. An EHR is created and gathered cumulatively across many healthcare organizations, and is accessed and managed by licensed clinicians and staff involved in a patient’s healthcare. (EHR). Migrating to an EHR-compatible system requires software that is reliable, secure, affordable, and meaningful-use compliant.

We conduct an in-depth provider assessment and then develop a plan of action.

We increase the provider’s overall efficiency and effectiveness by doing the following:

We eliminate the hassles and frustrations associated with implementing and maintaining your EHR system.

Our team is experienced in managing the transition to EMR software and eventually migrating your organization to a fully compliant EHR system, including the following:

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